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Our Brand

Boiga is a dedicated independent London based menswear label that is committed to colour.

We exist to fill the huge void of bold, eclectic, high quality prints in the menswear market. 

Quality and craftsmanship are at the heart of our brand. Most of our prints are lovingly hand-drawn, making them absolutely unique, while our fine woven Italian silks are personally selected.


Most importantly, everything is designed with a sense of fun and adventure.


Our Founder

Boiga is the brainchild of East London entrepreneur Juliana French. With a background in fashion manufacturing, Boiga is her big adventure in end-to-end fashion, overseeing everything from design and production to retail to wardrobe.


Our Values

All our products are Fair Trade, sustainably made and 100% ethically sourced.

We are incredibly close to every process that goes into making a Boiga product, having forged strong bonds with partners and suppliers who share our ethos. We are completely emotionally invested in our supply chain.

We donate a portion of our profit to a different charity every six months, so we’re paying it forward and spreading the Boiga love.

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